What is OHD?

Oxidative Hydrothermal Dissolution (OHD) is an environmentally benign and technologically straightforward process for the conversion of low value organic solids and wastes for disposal by conventional waste processing OR conversion into high value products.

Our continuous process, uses only heat, water and oxygen.

  • Requires no exotic enzymes, solvents or catalysts.

  • No chemical pre-treatment of the feed is needed.

  • Process water largely recycled, input does not require special pretreatment.

  • Typical reaction times are of the order of 10s of seconds.

  • High conversion (typically 70->90%) of the organic feed.

  • High recovery of the products as solubilized, low molecular weight platform chemicals.

  • Small CO/CO2 footprint (normally <10% input C, often <5%)   

The OHD Process converts waste biomass and lignite into usable product including Fulvate Biostimulants, which contribute to soil fertility for plant growth, and platform chemicals for use in production of biodegradable plastics.

The OHD Process

The OHD Process uses only heat, water and oxygen and is inherently environmentally friendly. It's technically straightforward and operates at industrially feasible conditions and rates. OHD readily achieves high to complete conversion of the starting solid with high recovery (typically 70-90+% C) of the products as solubilized low molecular weight materials. It does not assume or require rejection of carbon and produces little CO2.