Mission and Vision

Develop and deploy innovative technologies for production of chemical feedstocks and liquid fuels from non-petroleum based raw materials.

Embed these technologies as the preferred method for manufacturing commodity chemicals and bio-based liquid fuels from various resources.


Optimize and scale up Oxidative Hydrothermal Dissolution technology for commercialization in multiple fields of use.

What We Do

Thermaquatica is commercializing a proprietary technology for processing coal, biomass, tar sands, and oil shale to high value chemicals and liquid fuels. The method, known as Oxidative Hydrothermal Dissolution (OHD) is simple, using only hot (subcritical) liquid water and oxygen to break down macromolecular organic materials such as coal, lignin and other solid organics into their constituent aromatic and aliphatic compounds. OHD produces virtually no CO2 and little other gasses. Heavy metals, sulfur, and nitrogen are captured in the product solution as salts or oxides and are not released to the atmosphere. Thermaquatica’s aim is to use our technology to produce chemicals similar or identical to petroleum-derived products from low cost alternative raw materials such as coal or biomass. The resulting products can be sold as fine chemicals, used in manufacturing, and/or converted to liquid fuels.

Dr. Ken Anderson, a professor of geology at SIU Carbondale talks about technology transfer and commercialization of a novel technology at newly formed startup, Thermaquatica Inc.